Welcome to Essex Equine & Canine Laser Therapy

Treating your animals to state of the art laser technology! 


Is your animal sore? 
Does your pet have an injury, tight muscles, stiffness, swelling, pain? 
Are you looking for a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical/drug-free therapeutic option?
Need a safe option to help speed up your pet's healing?



Laser Therapy offers you the ability to A R M your pet from within:

Accelerate Healing. Reduce Pain. Maintain Peak Performance.

K-Laser Therapy is the preferred choice of thousands veterinarians and canine health professionals worldwide. 


Laser therapy painlessly sends concentrated light into the tissues being treated. This makes the cells in the tissue work faster by taking in more oxygen and nutrients, and by clearing out more debris from damaged areas. This creates an optimal healing environment by speeding up the bodies natural healing process without the use of medications.

The laser's probe is held on the surface of the skin or at a distance - whichever your horse prefers. 



Our mobile laser therapy is 100% portable.


We offer our services:


  • In the comfort of your horse's stable or at your home
• At a show
• At a race track
• At HydroDobes Canine Hydrotherapy Centre (Dogs & Cats)


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